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Success Driven Management Team

The Renew Anchored Dentures management team has noteworthy success in the dental industry and in running large dental implant businesses. Dr. Don Miloni and and his team bring decades of experience to the business.



Renew Implant Dentures foundersDr. Miloni founded Renew Anchored Dentures in 2015 and is also part owner of a dental insurance company and has owned over 80 dental practices. Previously, Dr. Miloni founded a pioneering dental company that grew from startup to a nationwide network of dental treatment centers, providing dental implant care to patients.

Renew Opportunity

Dr. Miloni and his Renew Anchored Dentures team have innovated an approach that accentuates high levels of care, affordability and a one-day solution for denture wearers and those with missing and failing teeth. Imagine being able to offer a leading-edge implant solution that changes the lives of patients on a daily basis.

Renew gives you the opportunity to increase revenue exponentially using a system that is proven and successful.

Renew has done all the work for you. Our Renew Anchored Dentures system allows our doctors to provide secure dentures in one day. Additional benefits to you:

  • Renew runs the practice so you avoid the headaches of owning a business
  • Professional training and continuing education
  • Unmatched professional marketing that brings the patients to you
  • Trains you in a proprietary advanced implant procedure
  • Risk management, and
  • Significant earning potential


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